CMT Learning offers leading residential sports camps and tours for young people. We have also recently launched a new venture offering coding camps. We work with some of the world’s top brands, clubs, coaches and sports scientists at leading British universities. As well as offering sports-focused programmes, we specialise in seamlessly combining these and our coding programmes with the opportunity to study English as a foreign language as part of an integrated residential programme. 

Our Mission

To deliver exceptional experiences to young people from all over the world with programmes designed to accelerate learning, prowess and personal development for young people.


We believe these two subjects are the perfect match in a world where the rapid development of personal technology encourages global communication and discourages physical activity. The importance of technology is undeniable and that's why we're now running coding camps, but even on these camps we encourage kids to get away from their screens, breathe fresh air and be as physically active as possible.

Language learning at school age is a priority in education across the globe but classic methods of learning by rote and conjugating verbs have been proved much less effective than immersive, conversational learning environments. By combining language learning with sport and other enrichment activities in a residential environment with young people from across the world, you create a truly unique opportunity to engage young people. They build confidence, self-discipline and independence, foster friendships and rapidly develop long-lasting, valuable skills for the future. 

This is such a great opportunity for kids to learn outside of their usual school environment. And they learn so much more than I’d imagined, coming back with a better understanding of other cultures and so many stories!
— Parent of player on Nike Sports Camp 2016