We've partnered with Fire Tech, the UK's leading provider of tech education for young people to bring you two 6-night camps and a 13-night residential coding camp with English language lessons. On 6-night camps students can choose from Robotics + English or Coding Games with Java + English. If they choose the 13-night camp they will take both courses. We are also offering a 6-night Teen Python coding camp programme for fluent English speakers who don't require English language lessons.

Fire Tech teach in small groups, led by inspiring young experts in their fields to inspire, encourage and support. They’ve been teaching code since 2013 on holiday camps, and in after school and weekend courses with great success. They’re experienced in teaching code to students who have English as a second language and have designed these programmes specifically with those students in mind.

why coding? 

As technology advances we need to learn to make it, not just to use it. Many of the jobs that will be on offer to children in the future haven’t been invented yet and technology is the reason for that. Schools have recognised this with the introduction of coding lessons but to really get ahead, we need more. We need to create and inspire the next generation of designers, engineers and independent thinkers.

Our mission is to help children get the most out of their summer holidays with our summer camps and although we usually do this through sport, we believe coding and English is a winning combination. By fuelling kids' interest in technology we can inspire the innovators of the future and teach them so many other valuable skills: creativity, design thinking, planning, problem solving, communication and collaboration - to name a few.

Code is written in English all across the world so if you want to learn to code, no matter where you're from, English language is essential. All Fire Tech's coding tuition is done in English, taking learners through the programme at a pace that's suited to their language level and maximises their understanding of both coding and the English language. They also benefit from being supported by their classmates, learning to collaborate with students from across the world.