Sports and English Language Camps

CMT Learning specialises in residential sports and English language programmes designed to accelerate learning, sporting prowess and personal development for young people. Working with some of the world’s top sports brands, clubs and coaches, and with input from sports scientists at leading British universities, CMT Learning develops programmes of the highest quality using the latest science, technology, teaching and coaching methodologies. Offering a range of options for English language learners, native speakers, advanced sports players and beginners at some of England's best sports facilities and schools, we work with Nike to deliver exceptional experiences to young people from all over the world. Specialist sports and language agents help to bring international players to our camps. Find more information on becoming an agent here.

Brands and Programmes

Euro Sports camps is a trading division of CMT Learning. CMT Learning and Euro Sports Camps are the exclusive operator of Nike Sports Camps in the UK and currently offer tennis, hockey and football camps. We cater for 8 - 17 year olds of all English language abilities and native speakers. 

As well as the two English language learning options on our camps we also offer Nike Tennis Day Camps at the National Tennis Centre, London, home of the National Governing Body for Tennis and the best tennis facility in the country. To find out more about these camps visit our Euro Sports Camps website.

Sports Tours Europe is a new division of CMT Learning offering bespoke sports tours for groups and teams all-year-round. Born out of a partnership with Nike Clubs in the USA, Sports Tours Europe has provided some incredible tour experiences for young field hockey and 'soccer' teams from the USA. Our network of contacts in the industry and experience in designing premium sports programmes for children from across the world enables us to offer matches against English teams, behind-the-scenes trips to famous sports attractions and masterclasses with professional players. To find out more about our tours visit the Sports Tours Europe Website.

Seacoast United Field Hockey Team on their Nike UK Tour in Summer 2016 with Sports Tours Europe

Why combine language learning and sport?

Governments, schools and parents now recognise the benefit of language skills in education when preparing their children for a future in the global job market. Meanwhile, the benefits of sport and physical activity for physical, mental and social development and wellbeing are long-established. Under threat from the increasingly sedentary modern lifestyle, it is more important than ever to encourage physical activity from an early age.

At CMT Learning we passionately believe in the importance of both language learning and sport for youth development. We have found that sport is an effective motivator for language learning, while language learning provides a great platform on which to build sports skills in a team learning environment. Children quickly develop a host of lasting skills inside and outside the classroom, on and off the field. Students are coached in English alongside formal English lessons and are engaged in a programme of fun activities and excursions to top sporting attractions with other students from around the world. They gain confidence, make new friends from different cultures and rapidly improve their English and sports skills.