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Uniting sport and education

The recognition that children need more activity in their lives, especially sport, is increasingly evident. Sport can and should be a substantial building block in the development of young lives.

At the same time, in many parts of the world the emphasis placed on English language learning is increasing. Proficiency in English is in demand as never before!

Add the two together and you have the founding philosophy behind CMT Learning.

We aim to bring the best of both experiences to thousands of young people on our spring and summer camps. We are focused on high quality English teaching and sport coaching. And we know how many other benefits accrue as a result - friendships, communications skills, teamwork, respect, cultural awareness, self-esteem and the pure joy of achievement.

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Oxford University Press Educational Partner


" My favorite thing about the camp was the soccer sessions. I learn a lot in the soccer sessions. "

Carlos Hellsterin

" My favorite thing was tennis. I also enjoyed the classes and the Wimbledon excursion. Everything was perfect. "

David Lauer

" My favorite thing about this camp was playing soccer both in the morning and the afternoon! "

Victor Rodreiguez

" My favorite part was the football training because I had a great coach and good friends in my group. Also the excursions to Blackpool and Old Trafford. "

Diego Uribe

" Good pitches, good coaches, good food! "

Lesovoy Daniel

" I liked my English teacher and my soccer coach. I enjoyed my English lessons. "

Pom Pom

" My favorite thing about the camp is that I made a lot of friends from other countries and that my English and my football are now better. "

Umai Unlhiza Ibama

" I wanted to go on a football camp in England, so I googled ‘Manchester United football schools’ and I found this camp. I’m really happy that I went. "

Mikal Ringsbye

" I loved the fact that I made friends from all other countries. "

Rachid el Lakis

" My favorite day was the excursion. We got to go to the Wembley football stadium. It was a very big stadium, and beautiful. "

Evgeny Dveharov

" My favorite thing about the camp was to find some friends and speak a lot of languages. "

Federighi Rafael

" I met a lot of people. The rooms are very good and the activities are very fun. The English lessons are also very good. "

Fran Barranco

" I think that it is a very good camp! I think it is one of the best camps in Britain. I like this place and I’m going to come here again next year. "

Gosha Sarisyan

" My favorite thing about the camp was that I got to meet all different people from around the world. "

Luke Rodgers

" It was so fun for me being on this camp because of the people that I met here. We all get on well. "

Yagmur Yavuz


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