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Sports and English Language Summer Camps at top UK Schools

CMT Learning runs leading residential English language and sports summer camps in England for children and teenagers aged 8 – 17. With years of experience and expertise we have developed a number of premium total immersion courses to enable children to get the most out of their school holidays.

Why choose a sports and English camp?

English language learning at school age is becoming increasingly important in mainstream education abroad. Governments, schools and parents now recognise the benefit of language skills in education when preparing their children for a future in the global job market. Additionally, the benefits of sport and physical activity for health are long-established. Promoting these benefits to children and teenagers is more necessary than ever with the increase in personal technology and sedentary behaviour among young people. 

At CMT Learning we passionately believe in the importance of language learning and the benefit of sport for youth development. Uniting sport and education through total immersion residential camps provides the best possible platform for children to quickly develop a host of lasting valuable skills. Operated at top UK boarding schools, our courses provide the best in sports coaching and English language lessons. Students are coached in English, taught English lessons on sports topics by specially qualified teachers, and engaged in a programme of fun activities and excursions to top sporting attractions with other students from around the world. Students gain confidence, make new friends from different cultures and rapidly improve their English and sports skills. All this is achieved in a fun and secure environment, supervised and directed by experienced and qualified staff on-site 24 hours a day.

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Oxford University Press Educational Partner


" I loved the fact that I made friends from all other countries. "

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